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What to Expect

This course covers everything you need to start running successful content marketing campaigns. We hear over and over that "content is king" but that is only true if you are doing right. Without any professional training in content marketing, you'll waste a lot of time and money creating content that brings your business no revenue. You'll master the art of content ideation, content creation and will learn how to amplify your content so that it gets in front of the right people.

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Market Campus
Market Campus

Course Curriculum

Welcome to the Course
How Market Campus Works
Who Should I Follow?
Setting up Your Foundation
Content Marketing 101
An Amazing Case Study
BONUS: Marcus Sheridan Presentation
How Content Marketing Helps SEO
Content Marketing
Case Study: Death By Caffeine
Case Study: Dove Real Beauty Sketches
Case Study: The Friend Zone
Repurposing Content
Telling a Story
Creating Linkbait
What Is Linkbait?
Interactive Content
Resource Content
Tools For Content Creation
Content Ideation
Coming Up With Content Ideas
Using Google Analytics for Historical Data
Additional Resources
Tips for Brainstorming Sessions
Finalizing Your Content Ideas
Content Promotion
Amplify Your Content
Publishing on Outside Networks Part 1
Publishing on Outside Networks Part 2
Notify Your Sources
Hacking Quora
Using Quora to Your Advantage
Setup Google Alerts
Hijacking Search Results
Use UTM Paramaters
Promote Your Existing Content
Optimizing Your Posts
Open Graph
What Is Open Graph?
Implementing Open Graph
Getting Creative
Fixing Open Graph Issues
Open Graph On Wordpress
Twitter Cards
Open Graph Quiz
Tracking Your Efforts
Tracking Your Social Shares
Why Is Tracking So Important?
What's Next?
Our Content Marketing Roadmap